Episode 1: Resiliency – Springing Back

Episode 2: Resiliency through Uncertainty

Episode 3: Resiliency and Staying Hopeful

Episode 4: AI in Healthcare – Part 1

Episode 5: AI in Healthcare – Part 2

Episode 6: Career Journey: Seth Teigen, Chief Executive Officer at Providence Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo

Episode 7: Public Policy Issues Facing Health Care

Episode 8: Career Path of a Physician Leader: Dr. Joe Behn

Episode 9: What really matters to patients and their families: Kristin Baird

Episode 10: Aligning Your Organization with the Community: Jerome Garrett

Episode 11: Supporting a Team’s Emotional Resiliency: Gina Kangas, LCSW

Episode 12: How Organizational Leaders Can Prepare their Enterprise for the Unexpected: Ted Uczen

Episode 13: Addressing Social Determinants of Health: Marie Barry

Episode 14: Quarterly Spotlight: Damond Boatwright

Episode 15: Intentional Leadership and Coaching: Tim McKeough

Episode 16: Culturally Competent Care: Richelle Webb-Dixon

Episode 17: Quarterly Spotlight: Carrie Killoran

Episode 18: Boldly Breaking Through Silos: Michael Grubich

Episode 19: Quarterly Spotlight: Ryan Neville

Episode 20: Coming Out of the Dark: Dr. Nick Turkal

Episode 21: Part 1 – Justice, Equity, Diversion and Inclusion (JEDI)

Episode 22: Quarterly Spotlight: Bill Santulli

Episode 23: Working Parents: Michelle Yu

Episode 24: Futurist – Ian Morrison – Part 1

Episode 25: Futurist – Ian Morrison – Part 2

Episode 26 : From Quiet Quitting to Showing Up Loudly: Cultivating the Practice of Connecting to Your Purpose

Episode 27: Project Management Gone Awry

Episode 28: Retaining Talent – What Got You Here Won’t Get You to The Future

Episode 29: Artificial Intelligence

Episode 30: Member spotlight – Chris Hasse, CAO, Mayo Clinic Health System

Episode 31: Dr. Nicole Eull – part 2 – Think Fast, Work Well

Episode 32: Member Spotlight – Dr. Paul Horvath, MD, FACEP, Mayo Health System, Red Cedar