Episode 11: Supporting a Team’s Emotional Resiliency: Gina Kangas, LCSW

Many of us are doing our best to support the emotional resiliency of our teams over the last couple years, but not all leaders have the experience and tools to effectively manage through an ongoing crisis. Today, we get some help from Gina Kangas, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who serves as the Mental Health Outpatient Manager and back-up Employee Assistance Coordinator at the Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee. Gina explains how a collective sense of community can help us fight through these experiences together. Similarities in our experiences help us relate to each other and in times of stress, we just need someone to listen and understand. Gina tells us to be “that person” . . . that listening ear . . . for our employees. She also provides other stress-relieving tips and ways to integrate new staff in a virtual environment. We hope you enjoy.

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