Episode 32: Member Spotlight – Dr. Paul Horvath, MD, FACEP, Mayo Health System, Red Cedar

Are you someone with a clinical background thinking about leadership? In this podcast, we explore one physician’s pathway into leadership, and the supportive elements he experienced along the way.  Paul Horvath, MD, FACEP, physician leader and site chair of Mayo Health System, Red Cedar, shares how joining ACHE helped him build collaborative leadership skills and taught him how to “speak administrator” to have a broader leadership impact. You’ll hear how being selected for the ACHE Leadership Development Program provided him invaluable experiences that broadened his perspective, and how serving on the ACHE and WHA boards allowed him to bring his unique insights as a rural emergency medicine physician to bear on broad-scale policy issues. A key takeaway: Leadership is a team sport, and you learn how to be a team by having shared experiences together.