Episode 12: How Organizational Leaders Can Prepare their Enterprise for the Unexpected: Ted Uczen

In our last episode, we discussed how a supervisor can directly impact employee wellness in times of stress by allowing time away from duties or by being a listening ear.  This month we scale up and discuss how organizational leaders can prepare their enterprise for the unexpected.  In this episode, we chat with Ted Uczen, former President and CEO of FEI Behavioral Health, a workforce resilience company that partners with organizations to protect and enhance workforce effectiveness and organizational resiliency.  Ted explains how organizations should have a “People Plan,” similar to an Emergency Preparedness Plan, to be ready for when “life happens” to employees.  Employees experience life events every day and while Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) can guide staff to therapy services, EAP should be tapped for much more.  Ted makes it clear that EAP goes beyond post-trauma counseling; it’s about managing through the little things and providing meaningful education and training.  Listeners can use Ted’s tips to improve long-term resiliency and effectiveness of employees through daily support.  Ted suggests we slow down and “create the time to think about what’s next.”  We hope you enjoy!

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