Episode 9: What really matters to patients and their families: Kristin Baird

Working in healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic has been daunting, exhausting, and stressful to say the least, but we are obligated to keep fighting and care for those who need our help.  Sometimes that means lying on your back on a dirty floor holding an iPad towards the ceiling so a prone patient can video chat with family, or simply being the eyes and ears for family and relaying updates on a consistent basis.  The Patient Experience is a defining attribute of healthcare organizations and in the age of consumerism, we all need to keep pace.  Today, we are chatting with Kris Baird, President and CEO of the Baird Group, a patient experience in healthcare management consulting firm based in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  Kris provides valuable insight into what really matters to patients and their families and she’ll also explain how healthcare leaders can improve their patient experience.  We hope you enjoy!


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