Episode 13: Addressing Social Determinants of Health: Marie Barry

Are you a leader in healthcare faced with the challenge of addressing important issues around social determinants of health within the communities you serve? In today’s episode, our host Janet Schulz discusses some non-healthcare topics with the Rural Wisconsin Healthcare Cooperative (RWHC) Director of Economic Development, Marie Barry. Born out of a need to create synergies between rural hospitals and rural communities, the RWHC launched a formal Community Economic Development program in 2021 and has experienced some early success in developing solutions around broadband, transportation, childcare, and housing issues, to name a few. Marie explains how the program acts as a “bridge” between the hospital and community, and works to insure that diverse representation is at the table when discussing economic development. Collaboration, community involvement, and courage to work in uncharted territory are all lessons learned that Marie shares for leaders looking to make a greater impact. We hope you enjoy!

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